Inexsistens is an interdisciplinary team creating contemporary art projects. Their area of ​​interest is searching for a new visual, auditory and narrative language as well as immersion design. They focus on interactive solutions using the six degrees of freedom, explore degrees of immersion, spatial sound and innovative approaches to aesthetics, without avoiding experimenting with other contemporary forms of artistic expression.
INX has technological, scientific and production experience in the field of specifying, implementing and displaying VR / AR / MR projects. INX consists of active artists and lecturers from Polish universities – the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and the Film School in Łódź. We build the curriculum based on our experience gained while working on our works.

The main area of ​​INEXSISTENS research is:

  • engaging participants’ motor skills with 6dof
  • affordance, illusion and embodiment in VR
  • interactive narrative development
  • interactivity and presence in VR projects
  • forms and types of experience distribution
  • aesthetics in contemporary immersion projects
  • real-time simulations
  • spatial sound design and projection