HiTrash is a DJ, promoter and organizer of TECHNO TECHYES – a series of techno events organized since 2014 in Krakow – and privately a human soul. He has been associated with the Krakow electronic scene for a decade and a half. HiTrash is a walking watch and a living Excel, thanks to which all the events he organizes are always buttoned up to the last button. He co-organizes the DJland charity festival and runs his own portal Elektroniczny Kraków. He created the Electronics Laboratory project, and co-created the “Electronic Krakow Guide”.

Musically, as a DJ and producer, he most often reaches for progressive, spatial techno, which maintains the balance between being danceable and technical. He also loves all kinds of acid. When standing next to a DJ, HiTrash adheres to the principles of “fast, but hard” and “life begins after 140”.