Masterskaya 15 is a new generation studio based in Moscow, created by Natalia Alfutova and Yaroslav Kravtsov as a think-tank for Russian media artists who explore the metaverse and the interference of digital life forms in the physical world and whose interest lies in the existence and self-identification of a person in the world of developing digital technologies, big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Yaroslav Kravtsov is an independent game developer, media artist and popularizer of video games. Since 2007 he has been dealing with professional game development. He graduated from the faculty of physics at the Moscow State University and currently is the creative director of the Expload platform, which designs and distributes Open Eyes Games. He curates a game development course for Unity users at the Scream School in Moskiwe and coordinates the DevGAMM conference held in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk.

Natalia Alfutova graduated in Mathematics at the Moscow State University, Film Directing at Higher Director’s Courses Moscow and Multimedia Art at The Rodchenko Art School in Moscow). In 2014 she founded Mediamead art studio. Artworks from this studio are a mix of math, cinema and multimedia art. The main areas of her work are scientific art, digital art and application art (art created and dispersed using a mobile application, the genre herself initiated). Her works were presented in museums and art centers, including in Moscow, Montreal, Berlin and Vienna. Currently, Natalia is working on digital avatars and is studying their impact on the life of modern man. She lives and works in Moscow.