Interdisciplinary artist from Poltava, Ukraine. His creations are based on working with painting, graphics, installation, video and VR. He is interested in topics related to urbanistic, industrial and post humanistic human life. He pays special attention to the problems of war, emigration, ecology and synergy of all these concepts in the context of contemporary relations. As he says: “I believe that these topics have a dynamic nature of interaction. One event gives rise to another. The chain of demand for resources and territories dictates an aggressive policy, which in turn is watered with a poisonous mixture of total war. ”
Vartan often works with various media, believes that each topic is associated with a material characteristic for it and only he can fully convey the essence, form, emphasise the idea, focus on the topic. It depends on him how accurately the information will be read by the viewer. “The ability to combine various tools opens up many possibilities: fantasising, reflecting through the artistic language, seeing what is happening around us now, looking into the future, creating a new reality.”