Panel 1 _Digitalism, digital art, NFT and environment

7.10 | 17:00 Potocki's Palace Polish

Digital technologies, including our day-to-day network operations, require large infrastructure that is very energy-intensive. Globally, the digital technology sector emits roughly the same amount of greenhouse gases as air transport.
How can you counteract it? What is digital ecology? What role does digital art and NFT play in this context?
About these topics, among others Agnieszka Obszańska will talk to the invited artists and experts: Joanna Murzyn, Joanna Kurkowska and Paweł Janicki.

This program will be conducted live in Polish.


Joanna Murzyn

Joanna is an initiator of the Digital Ecology Institute, socially involved enterprise which specialises in digital ecological audits, measurements and optimization of digital products with the aim of reducing their emissions, as well as advisory in terms of sustainable and ethical digitization. Propagandist of decentralised solutions based on peer2peer protocols which carry the promise of the return to the original idea of the Internet in which every person connected to the Web is equal and not susceptible to exploitation and invigilation by central units of control. Philosopher by education, she gained her professional experience on project work and business consultancy in the area of technological innovation and sustainable development for e.g. UNESCO, Deloitte, Saatchi&Saatchi, PARP, Tate Exchange, IKEA, DuPont, El Pais, African Leadership Academy. Practical skills in working with technologies in terms of code and hardware she mastered while completing projects in collaboration with maker and hacker communities.


Paweł Janicki

Paweł Janicki creates interactive audiovisual systems, installations and performances, focussing mainly on microsound and algorithmic compostion. Janicki, who majored in cultural studies at Wrocław University, works with the WRO Art Center as a curator and head of R&D, and teaches in the Intermedia Department of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts. In 2004 his internet musical performance Ping Melody was awarded the grand prize by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo, and was nominated for an award at the Viper International Film, Video and New Media Festival in Basel.
Janicki is a co-founder and longtime member of the Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, a collective exploring “lo-fi” aesthetics, using computer gaming consoles to create audiovisual compositions that have been presented at the WRO Media Art Biennale (Wrocław), the Transmediale festival (Berlin), Ars Electronica (Linz) and the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris). Janicki is also one of the artists whose works are featured in WRO’s Interactive Playground. He is currently working on an installation entitled Oceanus under the auspices of the EU Moving Stories project.


Joanna Kurkowska

Joanna frota Kurkowska is Data Industry Analyst at and Game Analyst at the Outlier Ventures accelerator. She is responsible for analyses and research of the games market, Web3 and digital goods. He co-hosts the Metagame podcast and creates the first Polish newsletter on culture and initiatives related to the phenomenon of Web3 – Digital Data Glitch.


Agnieszka Obszańska

Agnieszka Obszańska is a cultural journalist and radio personality. In the years 2007-2020 she was associated with “Trójka” – Program III of the Polish Radio. Reporter and author of programs, including: a daily website about cultural events in Poland and around the world: “Teren Kultura”, and co-author of the broadcast “Radio House of Culture”. After leaving “Trójka”, since 2021 she has been running her own program on the culture “Areas” and the music program “Fikando” on Radio 357. She also works with sound, creating sound designs, podcasts, installations and radio plays, often based on field sounds recorded by herself.