Be yourself the change you expect!
start with ourselves.

Our website has been optimised to minimise the energy consumption and accompanying CO2 emissions that result from surfing the Internet. In the analog world, we also decided on monochrome printing.

See what solutions we have implemented to reduce the environmental footprint of the technologies we use every day:

  • we chose the pre-installed font on all operating systems – the interface uses the system font (Arial) to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests
  • the interface is designed in dark mode, which reduces screen brightness and energy and screen consumption – especially in mobile applications, where OLED screens are the most common
  • we used compression, i.e. the process of removing as much data from the image as possible without losing its visual clarity
  • file size transparency – in the upper right corner of each image you will see how much data you have downloaded to display it
  • converting data to a “lighter” format – for images: jpg and video: mp4 or. webm,
  • we have abandoned automatically playing video in the background in favour of using video on demand
  • the website has a transparent content architecture to avoid loading unwanted content
  • in favour of more ethical solutions, we resigned from Google Analytics tools for the sake of data security and to reduce the huge amount of data transfers carried out constantly in order to “track” user activity on the web
  • we use server-side cache: after the first generation, the page is saved on our server in the form of small files, thus reducing energy consumption and page loading time.
  • we use cache on the side of the server: after generating the first version, the page is saved on our server in the form of small files, thus reducing energy consumption and page loading time
  • the website will be operated by a platform tailored to the needs of the server with much lower resource consumption – we are planning to switch to host the server on a Raspberry Pi that is powered by solar energy

Photon Foundation, the official organiser of the Patchlab Festival, is proud to be among the entities active in the “Festivals for the Climate” – a joint initiative of more than a dozen organisers of festivals in Krakow, involved in creating a new, sustainable dimension for cultural events.