Dökk is a spectacular performance that combines dance and acrobatics with 3D spatial projection, creating an innovative story about humans in the universe.
This is one of the most unique interactive dance performances of new media art in recent years. It is the result of three years of research by the fuse* team, an innovative Italian technology and digital arts studio. It wowed audiences around the world, from America to South Korea, and won a special mention at the Digital Design Awards in Germany in 2019.

Dökk means “darkness” in Icelandic. Everything that surrounds us is nothing more than a collection of atoms, particles and electromagnetic fields, vibrating around and infiltrating our body. The digital landscapes through which the performance’s narrative takes place refer to the latest scientific discoveries related to energy and space. Real-time analysis of the dancer’s heart rate is connected to the discovery of the existence of a group of binary stars of which the luminosity is actually described by a graph very much like an electrocardiogram.  It is a journey through the subconscious, where reality is represented by worlds and universes that take form and dissolve in the mind that constantly seeks a balance between light and darkness.

The idea of creating a deep connection between the performer and the digital landscapes has been experimented within
Dökk. A special setup has been developed consisting of a double frontal projection on a holographic screen and a rear projection on the back of the stage. Real-time data is modified using special software. Dancer Elena Annovi’s movements interact with the soundtrack and projections of abstract, three-dimensional images created by the directors and creators of the visual side of the show: Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti. The author of the sound composition is Riccardo Bazzoni.

Production: fuse*
Direction and Executive Production Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini
Concept: Mattia Carretti
Performer, Choreographer: Elena Annovi
Software Supervision: Luca Camellini
Software: Paolo Bonacini, Matteo Mestucci, Samuel Pietri
Sound Design: Riccardo Bazzoni
Hardware Engineering: Matteo Mestucci
Production Manager: Filippo Aldovini
Support for Concept Development: Giulia Caselli
Scientific Consultant: Margherita Carretti
Collaborators: Mark van de Korput, Clizia Welker, Enrico Viola
Light Design: Marcello Marchi
Video Report: Matteo Torsani
Photo Report: Enrico Maria Bertani, Emmanuele Coltellacci


Co-organiser of the event is the Italian Cultural Institute in Krakow.