#ALPHALOOP is a project implemented by the artist Adelin Schweitzer which is approaching the theme of the sacred through the prism of the imagined practice of techno-shamanism, stating that there is no dual opposition between Nature and Technology, no structural difference between computers and other “natural” manifestations of reality. The public is taken by two guides – HIM and the META – in an unprecedented spiritual adventure, collective and dramatised. Equipped with mixed reality headsets, the community carefully explores its environment, a new perception of the landscape is emerging. Participants walk to regain control of their bodies, listening to their new perceptions. The reaction of the street is determining what it can generate unexpectedly.

The performance is freely inspired by Timothy Leary’s theories on cybernetic shamanism and is based on a research trip on myths and cultures of northern Quebec. This trip produced in Abitibi between August and September 2018 reinforced the dramatic writing of a work that takes a critical and unique look at the technologies of Extended Reality (XR), the ideology of innovation, and spirituality.


HIM: a humanist, now shaman, trying to reconcile the homo technologicus with his origins. During his journeys in the Multiverse, he invoked the META to help him in his mission.
THE META: a technomancer, supernatural creature coming from another dimension, able to perceive and manipulate the flow of information generated by machines.


The performance is designed for a maximum of 5 people participating. It lasts about 50 minutes..
It is envisioned as a path for participants to follow, guided by HIM and accompanied by the META. Participants are asked to arrive punctually at the indicated address on the date booked by them.They are supported by an assistant who will lead them to the META. The latter will then equip them one by one with mixed reality glasses and a closed headset that will become, for a time, their new artificial perception organs.

Once the experiment is over, each participant is invited in the following evening to leave a telephone message about how he/she felt.

NOTICE: Places are limited.
More details on how to book your slot to participate in the show will be provided soon.


Partner of the event is Institut Francais in Warsaw.