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“Out Of Your Mind” is a psychedelic journey through the spaces of the consciousness of our minds, which raises the issue of the intense bond between man and life. The duo from France, analyzing our relationship with the world, instead of the brutal, authoritarian and dystopian perspective of reality offered by technological progress, sets a new, more optimistic path, immersing viewers in a galaxy of images.


ALEA(s) | ALEA(s)


ALEA(s) is a Brussels-based audiovisual collective bringing together FSTN illustrator, Shakmat synthesizer musician and producer, and graphic designer Boris Wilmot. Their lively performances are improvisations created in real time, combining live animation and illustrations with electronic music.


Unify is an audiovisual experience that invites users to perceive our home galaxy in a multisensory way. The 360 degree panorama from ESA is analyzed algorithmically in realtime, and the resulting data sonified. Furthermore continuous sound patterns influence the basic visual information to create a bidirectional, unified system. This resolves the silence of space´s vacuum into an immersive impression, while the dynamics of this experience give way for an auditive understanding of earth´s surrounding. The galaxy itself is presented as a vivid, seemingly breathing entity.