21.10 | 19:00 Tickets | Going. Cricoteca

Two spectacular performances by Alex Augier and Florent Di Bartolo at Cricoteka, a place created for experimental and avant-garde projects. Cricoteka is a partner of this event.



hex/A\ is a multifaceted audio, video, and laser performance that draws inspiration from the sequencing, looping, and sampling techniques commonly associated with electronic music. It uniquely integrates generative visuals, spatial elements, innovative performance methods, and avant-garde interfaces, elevating the conventional practice to a more transversal dimension. The laser component not only enhances the video but also augments our perception through its spatial attributes and spectral purity. This project champions a crossover aesthetic, embracing a dual approach: one minimal and geometric, rooted in data, and the other organic and intricate, inspired by nature.


Solar flares | Florent Di Bartolo


An audiovisual performance combines real-time graphics and electronic music using modular synthesizers. It utilizes data on solar magnetic activity, specifically the 11-year cycle of the sun’s activity and appearance. This data informs the visual animations and soundwave shaping. 

The project was realised within the framework of a European Media Art Platform residency program at the RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, co-funded by the European Union and co-funded by the RIXC Centre for New Media Culture.