___19.10 | Thursday | 20:30
Sophon av 360° | hologamic live  & opening night

The performance of the hologamic collective includes ten separate audiovisual narratives in which the sound layer composed of synthesizers and improvised percussion enters into dialogue with abstract live visualizations. The latest material is a journey into the space of musical interpretation of the trilogy Memory of Earth’s Past by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. This author’s sci-fi novels was the starting point for tracks such as Sophon, Thomb of Those Who Created It, Under The 3 Suns and Wallfacer’s Mistake. During the concert, material from the first album Nemora will also be presented. The performance is aimed at exploring the borderline of ambient, noise and IDM and directing the viewer towards a contemplative mood.

___20.10 | Friday | 22:00
AVnoc after space

___21.10 | Saturday | 22:00
Daniel Drumz & Tving Stage Design 360°

___22.10 | Sunday | 20:00
closing chillout space & star glazing
Troublants Trous Noirs  360° | Jules Roze & Sol Miracula _FR/CA

An audiovisual project inspired by the complexity of the phenomena of cosmic black holes and the mystery surrounding them. This immersive generative project explores the concept of space-time as a 4-dimensional continuum, the fundamental forces of nature and the world of quantum, a journey driven by harmony and chaos.
A duo of artists from France and Canada, specialising in electroacoustic composition, digital art and creative coding, implemented this project during an artist residency at the Gallery 360° #homeedition organized by the Photon Foundation in 2020.


For all above events entrance is free.