Emika is an artist from Great Britain with Czech roots, one of the most electrifying figures of the new sound scene. In her youth, she explored the secrets of the piano and classical composition. Thanks to her classical education, Emika introduces a breath of fresh air to the dynamically developing area of electronic music. She delighted her audience with a specific form of dubstep, in which she combines elements of ambient, trip-hop and experimental electronics with classical music. Dark sounds and eloquent vocal parts caused quite a stir in the world. released two albums under the Ninja Tune label, both full of dark, mesmerizing melodies, fantastically recorded, sounding great and receiving rave reviews all over the world. The song “Transcended Before Me” was recorded with Massive Attack vocalist Andy Horace. Critics paying well-deserved homage to Emice are delighted not only with the meaty bass in such numbers as “Doble Edge” or “3 hours” from the debut or the dreamlike atmosphere of “Sleep With My Enemies”, but above all the fact that she is the author of all the music, each text and all electronic arrangements.
In 2014 Emika founded her own label Emika Records. She currently lives and works in Germany.