fuse* is an interdisciplinary studio and a production company founded in 2007 and run by artists Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, in 2009 sound designer Riccardo Bazzoni joined the group. It operates in the field of digital arts and design with the aim of exploring the expressive potential offered by the creative use of code and digital technologies. Ever since the outset, the studio’s research has focused primarily on creating profound audience engagement, searching for new languages that may heighten the emotional impact of the narrative. Adopting a modus operandi which valorises pure experimentation and an empirical approach to the creative process, the goal is to push back the limits and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound and movement.
In 2010 and 2011, artists from the fuse* studio received the international Celeste Award in the field of Live and Media Performance.