She studied at the National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev, graphic design at the Poltava National Technical University in Kiev and at the Faculty of Architecture of the Faculty of Fine Arts, and completed postgraduate studies at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Art. She is an associate professor of design at the National Technical University of Lutsk. Works in painting, ceramics, public art, XR. Working with immersive art, he tries to transfer his own well-established practices in analog art to the virtual world. Known mainly for animated images – they come to life, telling about the continuity of life processes in the local environment and contemporary life in a global context – in the new reality of digital existence.

Her works are in the collections of the National Center of Folk Culture “Museum of Ivan Honchar” (Kyiv), the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts (Kyiv), Center of National Cultures “Family” (Lithuania, Klaipeda), as well as private collections in Ukraine, in Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Australia, North Macedonia, France, China, Germany and South Korea. He works and lives in Poltava, central Ukraine.