Relaxing online multiplayer game in which everyone takes on the role of a deer with a human face that can meet other players in a virtual forest. The Belgian duo Tale of Tales drew inspiration from local Flemish art and it was their first playable project.
The game is unusual in that it has been stripped of its genre-specific features: gameplay, purpose, and chatting. There is no plot here, although there are many things in the forest that inspire you to come up with a story. In addition to the configuration menus, there is also no language, as the developers wanted to prevent the word abuse that is too common in online games. The players, as avatars of beautiful deer, do not even have names. Conversely, if they choose to register (which is not necessary for the game), they can win a unique pictogram to distinguish their avatar. Character personalisation, the basis of online gaming, is designed here as a fun social feature – you can change the appearance of other players by casting magic that can be earned when your deer avatar rubs against trees, eats mushrooms, keeps a sleeping deer company, or sleeps in a mushroom circle. The latter feature is a holdover from the early days of the game, which was also a screen saver – when the computer was asleep, it logged into the forest and looked like a sleeping deer.
The current version of the game has been developing for 10 years. Despite the niche and eccentric theme, the game gained popularity among some players. There are currently 170,000 registered players.

Link to the game is here.