Workshops: Solarweb – how to make a stand-alone server powered by solar energy.

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In English
Free admission / registration via the FORM.
The number of places is limited.


We were told that the Internet would “dematerialise” society and decrease energy use. Contrary to this belief, it has become a large and rapidly growing consumer of energy itself. In an attempt to make our relationship to the Internet’s peripheral infrastructure more tangible again, the artist’s website – – runs on a self-hosted and solar-powered server. It goes offline during longer periods of bad weather. The project joins a growing number of DIY-infrastructures that have decreased energy use and data sovereignty at their heart.

During the course of this workshop Lenz will share first-hand stories, tools and tactics on how to design for a more sustainable internet. He will discuss the cloud as a failed metaphor and investigate atmospheric- and technological feedback loops to further exemplify some of the environmental and geopolitical consequences of remote computational processes.


The project is organised in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw.